TGI Joins the Global Online Education Revolution!

The Graduate Institute is pleased to offer its first MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) in Educational Technology starting this summer.

Teachers, this course covers the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for K-12 education, which have been adopted by 49 states.   Whether coming from the business or education fields or even for personal interest, this course will enable you to enhance your command of technology to facilitate learning and communication across multiple platforms.

There is no fee for auditing this course in Educational Technology.  It is available for free or for 3 graduate credits at a greatly reduced cost of $300.

MOOCs present a new wave in e-learning – one that has already been adopted by some of the nation’s most prestigious universities – and promises to change the face of education.  TGI is one of the few institutions of higher education offering graduate credit for its MOOC offering.  It is available as part of our new platform of flexible online options for today’s learners.

The class begins July 8, 2013 and ends August 23, 2013, for a total of 7 weeks.

Topics Include

  • Educational applications of social media (Google Docs, Diigo, Twitter, Wikis and Blogs)
  • Productivity tools
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Still image production
  • Digital video
  • Applets
  • Games
  • Graphical organizers
  • Learning management systems

This course models for student-centered project-based learning methodologies.


  • Jerald Dana Cole (Columbia, Harvard)
    CEO, Distributed Learning Systems



The course consists of 7 units with 2 to 3 modules per unit. Students will construct an iPortfolio containing project work and reflections. Students pursuing the for-credit option must maintain a social tag library, participate in the Twitter back-channel for the course and complete self-assessment exercises.  There is no need to enroll for credit initially in order to participate.  

Click here to view the syllabus


We are providing 10 scholarships for the graduate credit version of the course to students demonstrating need.

Click here to apply for a full scholarship

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